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Soap Studio: Tiny Design – floors, walls, and ceiling

Pine plank flooring

There has been a little bit of progress on the studio since my last post.  Material choices for the studio build have been based on what could be re-purposed from around the property or by making strategic purchases and when the studio is out-grown the materials can be reused in another project.

One such purchase has been the sturdy pine planks for the floor.  Soap making can be messy and I really wanted something simple and tuff.

Old lumber


So I do not have to worry about any splashes of raw soap damaging the walls, I have chosen to re-purpose some old rough cut planks from an old building.  These boards are weathered and greyed.  Once the boards are installed on the walls they will be sanded and sealed.  Sanding should remove most of the darker color leaving behind a nice warm color.  Small scrap pieces of wood will be used to fill in the gaps.

The ceiling has been done with corrugated tin, also from a scrap pile on the property.  It adds a small amount of reflective light from the window.

The build of the tiny studio is moving along nicely and altough I want it done yesterday, I have to be patient.

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