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Soap Studio: Tiny design

Creating the design in my planner

In the beginning of the studio design, I did have some worries.  Mostly the overall size of the space.  At just under 55 square feet the space is very small, and needs to use every inch to be as functional as I want it to be.

I do have to work around some existing items, like the shower/tub drain pipe in the corner and the previously installed porcelain god.  We (my husband and I) elected to leave these items in place and work around them.  The pipe is in the corner that will not have a lot of use – easy to work around.  But the toilet will need to stay.  The work around for this area is to build a shelf around it, still retaining some usable space and camouflage the whole piece.

The decision to keep it helps this project and any future conversion of the

Workable space

space back into a bathroom.  For those worried about it- it is not in use and will be fully sanitized before it is boxed in.

I am trying to keep this project within a minimal budget and have initially estimated it at $1,000.  My goal is to keep it closer to $500.

To manage this goal, I am sourcing as many of the needed material from wood, tin, and other building materials that we have on the property.  I plan to use corregated tin roofing for the ceiling cover, and rough-cut lumber for the walls, window casement, and supply shelves.  The flooring was a planned expense for the project.

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