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Fear of Wax?

I love candles and want to add them to the product offerings on my website but I have never really felt confident about making them.  I’m not sure why I felt that way. I mean I dove right into soap making with it’s detailed recipes, drop swirls, embeds, water reductions, and lye. I have even tackled lotion making. So, why not candles? They can’t be that hard, can they? Just some wax, color, and fragrance thrown into a container and Voilà! – you have a candle.

Well, you can get a candle by throwing wax into a container but it is a bit more complicated than that.  There are many of wax brands out there and depending on what kind of candle you want to make, dozens of blend choices.  This is the main reason I had never ventured into candle making – overwhelming amount of choices.

So, I began searching for a group or program that would offer tutorials and good basic information for beginners.  This is how I ended up joining the candle making group offered by Jennifer Billings Ward of BeScented.

And, last night I made my first batch of candles!   

It is not that different than soap making.

So for now and at least for this type of candle, I have conquered my fear of wax.  After I have tested these and am happy with their performance, I will be a candle making fool to get these up on the website and have them available for the Abiquiu Studio Tour.


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